This is still the useless page in this web....



There is no java,



no Shockwave or other plug-ins,



there are no graphics,



nothing fancy, really !!!!



I really don't know why you are still reading....



Why would you want to ? 



You must be bored....



So... where are you from ?




What's your sign?



Do you like Star Trek ?



You know, you really should get a hobby,



a dog,



or a fish !



at least something!



This is REALLY a waste of your time!



There is no surprise at the end.



I bet there's something better on TV.



Or the radio.



Call your mother,



rent a video,



get something to eat,



I've got something great at the end of this page !



Just kidding....;-)



You want to know what's at the end ?



Really ????






not even a link back !